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Direct Links to popular gemstones and cabochons:

Biggs Jasper
Black Onyx
Blue Topaz
Bruneau Jasper
Butterfly Jasper
Carved Stones
Chinese writing
Collectors items
Copper Stones
Dalmatian stone
Druzy, Agate
Druzy, black 
Druzy, blue
Druzy, drilled
Druzy, Glacier
Druzy, Jasper
Druzy, Pink cob
Druzy, Platinum
Druzy, Rainbow
Druzy, Titanium
Druzy uvarovite
Druzy, quartz
Faceted gems
Fancy Jasper
Fossilized Coral
Imperial Jasper
Landscape jasp
Lightning Jasper
Melee Diamonds
Mexican Lace
Moss Agates
Ocean Jasper
Ocean Wave

Opals, Boulder
Owyhee Jasper
Paint Rock

Parrot Wing
Petoskey Stone
Poppy Jaspers
Rainforest Jasp
Rock Crystal
Rutilated quartz
Silver Stones
Spiderweb Obs Stone Sets

Zebra Agate

Understand mm sizes:

Quick guide:

 1" = 25mm



Change can help:

1 quarter= 24.2 mm

1 dime= 18mm

Both coins: 42mm


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Choose from more than 2,000 stones in all shapes, sizes, and colors--
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Don't waste time, effort, and money setting junk stones.
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Designer Gemstones
Important Note: The shortcut links below take you to the first page of a theme. Often themes will have two web pages, not just one. So, be sure to scroll to the bottom of each page and click "Next" to take you to the second page of that theme, or to the next page of gemstones. It's the best way not to miss anything!







Abstract Art


Art-carved gems


Artists' Pendants




Black in the abstract



These two pages  feature cabochons with interesting colors and patterns.   Fabulous drusies and unusual cuts by top lapidary artists.   A new page of handcrafted glass pendants, made by the top artists in the field. Ready for stringing!   Psilomelane, carved rainbow obsidian, velvet obsidian, and black onyx.   Striking Zebra Agate, Pinstripe Agate, White Plume Agate, and more!   Shimmering Eudialyte, Astrophyllite, and Pietersite  
















Druzy, Coated


Druzy Pendants


Druzy, B&W


Druzy, Natural


Agate Druzy

  Sun-Kissed Druzy  

Crystalline quartz cabs coated with real gold, platinum, and titanium


Large druzy cabs for fabulous necklaces

  Black agate, psilomelane, and white quartz drusies  

Natural colors of pink, green garnet, and rainbow pyrite.


More Natural Druzy in an agate matrix.

  Drusies in natural warm
colors, including Jasper
and Harvest Drusies.
















Faceted Gems   Fossil Gems  



Matte-Finish Stones




New additions

Melee Diamonds, colored stones, and synthetic gemstones for casting.   Two pages of ancient lifeforms locked in stone!   Bright green gaspeite, vivid Parrot Wing Jasper, malachite, and more!   No high-polish here: Fascinating stones with a soft surface treatment.  

Copper, Silver, and Pyrite make these stones gleam!


Find out about the latest additions to our stone collection.






















Purples and pure blues


Rare Finds


A range of Reds


Stone Sets


Shimmering colors set in matrix.


Beautiful freshwater pearl strands and finished necklaces.


Sugilite, charoite, and the pure blues of sodalite and lapis.


Large and extremely unusual stones for the collector

  Two pages of Lightning and Poppy Jaspers, Cinnabar, Pink Rhyolites, and more!   Matched stones for pendant and earring sets, bracelets, and necklaces  


















Student Specials


Sweet Deals


Tranquil Garden


Translucent Stones


Tropical Treasures


 Two pages of realistic and abstract Landscapes caught in stone: Owyhee Jasper, Bruneau Jasper, Misty Mountain Jasper, and many more.

  Student tools made of stone: Agate and hematite burnishing stones.   Two pages of great values on a variety of cabs and drilled pendants.  

Sagebrush Jasper, Kazakhstan agate, Apache Sage Jasper, Morrisonite, Imperial Jasper, Hurricane Starburst Jasper, Nature's Paintbrush, and more!


"See-through stones" such as Montana Moss Agate, Rutilated Quartz, Red Plume Agate, Black and White Agate, and rare Window Stone.


Two full pages of tropical-theme stones, including Fossilized Coral, Petoskey Stone, mother of pearl and shells.




















Water Colors










An entire page of stones in gorgeous aquas and teals: Ocean Wave Jasper, Malachite, Azurite, Chrysocolla, and Hemimorphite Zinc and Lapis in Quartz.


Natural-color unstablized and stablized Turquoise.




























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In our blog: The Importance of Cut in Faceted Stones

and, last but not least:

The Work of Judith Kiriazis   Original design jewelry with dichroic glass, precious metals, and gemstones by the owner of this site

 While the term "gemstones" can refer to any precious or semi-precious material used in jewelry, people most often equate gemstones with precious and semi-precious transparent faceted stones, such as diamonds, tourmalines, topaz, etc. However, the world of gemstones is much broader and varied than just these. Heart of Stone Studio does offer faceted gems, but our emphasis is on the world of translucent and opaque gemstones, which, instead of being faceted, are cut in a variety of shapes with flat backs to enable easy incorporation into jewelry designs. These flat-backed, domed-top gems are called "cabochons" or "cabs," and we invite you to browse through our dozens of pages of cabochons which originate all over the world and come to you in every color of the rainbow. Another emphasis of our website is a special type of flat-backed stone covered with tiny crystals, called "druzy" (also spelled "drusy.") Drusies come in a variety of natural colors, as well as with various metallic coatings, and they add sparkle and interest to any jewelry design. We are proud to offer what is probably the web's largest selection of high-quality drusies. We hope you will become part of our Heart of Stone Studio customer community. Every one of our stones is hand-picked and guaranteed to please!


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