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 1" = 25mm



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1 quarter= 24.2 mm

1 dime= 18mm

Both coins: 42mm


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Forest Druzy

My Turkish dealer showed me these unusual drusies, and I couldn't pass them up. At first I was a little put off by their rustic cuts, but then they started to grow on me. They really do have a feel of the forest, with woodland greens and rich soil ochres spread out over a slightly undulating surface, just like the forest floor. They would look great set in copper, bronze, or a patinated metal. If you're seeking to evoke a natural look in your designs, these would be perfect. These are all that he had, so I'm not sure whether more will become available. Backs are unpolished but smooth. Important note: The photos don't show the fine white sparkles of the crystals on all of these pieces.

Forest Druzy    
34 x 31.5 mm, 8.5 mm thick  

ZN865     $60.00  Sorry, Sold!



Forest Druzy    
32.5 x 21.5 mm, 7 mm thick  

ZN866     $52.00



Forest Druzy    
30 x 23 mm, 5.5 to 9.5 mm thick, rounded back  

ZN867     $50.00



Forest Druzy    
25 x 21 mm, 8 mm thick  

ZN868     $40.00



Forest Druzy    
25.5 x 16 mm, 8 mm thick  

ZN869     $34.00



Forest Druzy    
18.5 x 17 mm, 8 mm thick, slightly rounded back  

ZN870     $30.00


Blue Chalcedony Druzy

Mined in Turkey, this is a rare and unusual druzy. Its matrix is a muted blue with freeform patterns of dark brown-black, white, and some beige, all overlaid by sparkling clear crystal. To me, a more appropriate name would be snow-leopard druzy, because of the colors and patterning, but the Turks named it Tiger and so it will remain.  These have been rather difficult to get, and they are my entire stock of this stone. Unfinished backs that, unless otherwise noted, sit flat. Click on photos to see details.

Tiger Druzy     Turkey
49.5 x 24.5mm  

ZN849     $74.00  





Tiger Druzy    
39.5 x 25.5mm  

ZN852     $64.00    





Tiger Druzy    
37 x 33mm  

ZN853     $68.00  




Tiger Druzy    
33 x 24mm  

ZN854     $50.00    




Tiger Druzy    
42 x 33.5mm  

ZN855     $54.00    





Tiger Druzy    
36 x 25.5 mm  

ZN859     $44.00    




Tiger Druzy    
37.5 x 26.5 mm, beveled edges  

ZN860     $50.00    





Tiger Druzy     Turkey
This one is a pure light blue, totally natural color. 43 x 16.5 mm  

ZN862     $38.00 






Tiger Druzy    
This fluffy cloud of a piece is very concave and will be a challenge to set, which is why I reduced the price. 40.5 x 26 mm, 8 mm thick, concave back  

ZN861     $46.00     reg $56.00



Tiger Druzy    
This is a pretty piece that sports all the characteristic Tiger Druzy colors, but the top and bottom curl up, making the back convex. Because it was impossible to grind the back flat without destroying the stone, I'm marking it down instead, in hopes that someone will love it enough to take the challenge of setting it. 28 x 22 mm, very rounded back  

ZN863     $36.00     reg $46.00



Agate Druzy

Greg Genovese found these rare and unusual drusies in his hunts through Brazil. Rings of rust and ochre are bullseyed with black dots, all in a sea of sparkling quartz. Satin-finish backs. Prices are based on evidence of Jaguar patterning.

Jaguar Druzy    
21.5 x 19 mm  

ZN1090     $38.00  



SPECIAL VALUE: Jaguar Druzy     Brazil
This piece is great. I just want to point out that it has a healed fracture near the bottom. The stone's integrity is fine (it's guaranteed).  It has a wonderful polished agate surround, great for bezel setting, and high sparkle. 23 mm round  

ZN1094     $48.00     reg. $56.00


Jaguar Druzy Pair     Brazil
Unlike most of the other stones, this pair has a lovely light pastel peach tinge. 20 x 8.5 mm  

ZN1097     $74.00     Sorry, Sold!



Introducing the less-macho relative of Jaguar Druzy: Twinkle Druzy
If you picture a vein of druzy running through a mountainside, there might be areas that didn't receive the magical combination of minerals and conditions necessary to make Jaguar Druzy. What you end up with is a pretty druzy that still has sprinkles of black, but the are not as colorful. I call this Twinkle Druzy because of the star-like configurations of black crystals. These are much larger pieces, at much lower cost than the regular Jaguars. They all have high, crystalline sparkle. Satin-finish backs.

Jaguar Druzy    
34 x 20 mm, twinkle  

ZN1104     $34.00   




Jaguar Druzy    
37 x 17.5 mm  

ZN1086     $36.00    



Jaguar Druzy     Brazil
34.5 x 17.5 mm  

ZN1095     $36.00 


Jaguar Druzy    
This quirky piece looks like half an egg, crowned with druzy and Jaguar bullseyes. 24.5 x 16.5 mm, 8.3mm thick  

ZN1101     $28.00    



Jaguar Druzy     Brazil
20 x 19.5 mm, twinkle  

ZN1098     $32.00    


Jaguar Druzy    
18 x 13.5 mm  

ZN1103     $28.00    


Blue Chalcedony Druzy  more on the way!

This rare, lovely stone is a chameleon: It changes color and character depending upon the light source. Here are some of the variations that I've seen: 

Type of Light Source    Stone Color    Surface Effect
 Bright Sunlight    Medium Blue    High Druzy Sparkles
 Indoor Shadow    Rich Periwinkle Blue    Deep Matte Velvet
 Indoor Lighting    Lavender    Glistens at angle
 Candlelight    Dove Grey/Lavender    Soft Glisten

These stones are also somewhat translucent, so their color will deepen if placed against a dark background. For the larger stones pictured below, I have included two photos to try and illustrate the color range of these unusual pieces. All these stones range in thickness from 5 to 7mm. Click on photos to see details.

     Color in Daylight         Color in Artificial Light

Chalcedony Druzy    Indonesia
This is a very large, magnificent piece. 46 x 42 mm, 25.57 g
ZN10     $165.00



Agate Druzy

A geodite is what its name implies--a baby geode. Actually, it's half a geode, with the surrounding agate polished on the front face.  A look into these reveals a sparkling fairyland of druzy crystals, some larger, some small. What spectacular necklaces these will make! Please make sure to note the thickness of these. All natural colors. Unless otherwise noted, all these geodites have highly polished, rounded backs.

Drilled Geodites

These pieces have holes big enough to accommodate an 18-gauge wire. Since their laterally-drilled holes aren't visible, the photos show how the pendants would hang.

Geodite Drilled Pendant    
It's hard to see in the photo, but in person, two clumps of crystals jut at an angle into the interior space. The back is cream and clear polished agate. 38.5 x 28mm, 22mm thick  

ZN672     $58.00  Sorry, Sold!



Geodite Drilled Pendant    

This one looks like a treasure cave inside, with the crystals blushed with lavender, mounding up to a central magical tower of clear, sparkling, quartz points.  Polished exterior. 46 x 29mm, 23mm thick  

ZN678     $140.00   Sorry, Sold!


Geodite Drilled Pendant    

This piece has a delicate quality about it, although it's really tough: White druzy lines an interior that's enclosed in translucent agate. Satin finish back and sides. 39 x 30.5mm, 21.5mm thick, matte finish outside  

ZN684     $62.50




Geodite Drilled Pendant    
Tabasco, Mexico
41 x 31 mm, 11 mm thick  

ZN586     $72.50   Sorry, Sold!





Geodite Drilled Pendant     Tabasco, Mexico
35 x 24 mm, 10 mm thick  

ZN593     $62.50    Sorry, Sold!




Undrilled Geodites

These lovely geodites have a natural convex back that, although unpolished, is smoothed so that it can be worn against clothing.

Geodite, undrilled    
Zacatecas, Mexico
Lots of sparkles. 61 x 40mm, 11mm thick  

ZN694     $70.00






Geodite, undrilled    
Zacatecas, Mexico
Very high sparkles. 44 x 28.5mm, 13mm thick  

ZN696     $44.00





Geodite, undrilled    
Zacatecas, Mexico
42 x 38mm, 18mm thick  

ZN698     $50.00




Geodite, undrilled    
Zacatecas, Mexico
44.5 x 31.5mm, 11.5mm thick  

ZN704     $36.00




Geodite, undrilled     Tabasco, Mexico
29 x 18.5 x 9mm thick   unpolished back

ZN225     $32.00




Crystal Geode Slices 

What fun these are! Stunning geodes lined with quartz crystals have been cut into slices, a job that undoubted requires time, patience, and extreme skill. The slices range from 3 to 5mm thick, and the perimeter is naturally-patterned agate, polished on both sides. Tiny, perfectly-formed quartz crystals sparkle along the interior rim. Loop a soft cord through them, drill a hole through the agate, make an interesting bail, prong-set them flush on top of an open or closed backing (with perhaps a different stone set in the center!), wire-wrap them (on the outside, away from the crystals)--the design possibilities are endless. They are agate, so they are fairly sturdy, but they won't survive being dropped on tile or cracked against a hard surface...Treat them as though you were working with a cross between a glass cab and a druzy, and they should be just fine. Be sure to click on the photos to see the details in these really neat pieces.

Crystal Geode Slice    
57 x 41mm  

ZL160     $38.00 



Crystal Geode Slice    

50 x 27.5mm  
ZL165     $36.00    





Crystal Geode Slice    
44 x 41 mm  

ZN620     $18.00  




Crystal Geode Slice    

38.5 x 26.5mm  

ZL176     $30.00  




Crystal Geode Slice    

42.5 x 24.5 mm  

ZN609     $30.00




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